behind the scenes

Beyond Video Update #25

Hey everyone!

I am here to update you on some major happenings that have taken place in the Community Center. Over the last few weeks, we have seen the storefront glass go in, the ceilings get painted, and most importantly—the palm trees go up! Nothing feels better than a well deserved break from ALL of my hard work than a relaxing snooze under some palm fronds. We are excited for the grand opening of our new Community Center, which is right around the corner. Start dreaming of all the ways you can serve your family, friends and neighbors. I can’t wait to meet the hundreds of people coming to Mariners for the first time through our newest front door! Well, I need to get back to putting the finishing touches on this big ol’ building…

See you soon!

Beyond Update #24

Hey everyone!

Jared here, your (Assistant) Senior Construction Pastor. Since I’m putting in WORK making sure the center will be ready for you, you’ll be hearing from me every couple of weeks now. Don’t worry though, I’ll be updating you on all you need to know—even down to the last nail! (Ok, maybe not every detail will be shared).

Check out these photos from our floor signing. We had a blast watching you and your families bless the new Community Center!

Floor Signing Photo Gallery

Beyond Video Update #22

Week 2 of my solo exploration of the Community Center has been strong. My workmanship was challenged, I broke a sweat…but ultimately I ended up at the top. I’ve been working on a big project that will be ~uncovered~ shortly.

Stay tuned—you won’t want to miss what’s coming up!

Beyond Video Update #21

When the crew’s away, the Senior Construction Pastor will play! I’m coming at you this week with some up close and personal community center updates – no crew, no script, just me, myself and I. First order of business, checking out the roof from the inside. Second order of business, checking out these sweet Instagram filters.

Beyond Update #19

I’ve been hard at work for months now on this new Community Center and have earned myself a nice break! Speaking of breaks…I am taking one from my camera crew in order to bring you behind the scenes of what happens on site each week. Sure, we take you inside, get you the information you need, but what about the information you want? I’m talking about the ins and outs of working on this building from MY point of view.

I’ll be taking over these posts for a while so stay tuned and encourage others to subscribe…you won’t want to miss this!