Progress Updates

Beyond Video Update #5

Hey Guys!

We’re in the final stages of demo on this puppy and getting ready for the rebuild down where the old Community Center use to be. We’re so excited for the dust to settle and for our neighbors to get a glimpse of what we’re building for them. Speaking of neighbors—Easter is coming up! Make sure to invite your neighbors, friends, your Uncle Charlie, and your dog groomer to one of our 6 Easter services. And if you’re up for some real fun, bring your kids to one of 2 egg-cellent egg scrambles, or for you early risers, grab some flap-jacks at our pancake breakfast Easter morning!

Wondering if the biggest miracle will be finding a premo-parking spot Easter weekend? Don’t sweat it. Our staff and volunteers have made sure you have plenty of spots to choose from in the upper parking lot and the lots surrounding the chapel and worship center.

Well, it’s back to work for me! Someone has to hide all those eggs…

See you next week!

Jared Kirkwood
Senior Construction Pastor (“Assistant”)

Resource Center On The Move

It is finally here – time to move!

Click image to enlarge

The Resource Center & Thrift Store is preparing to move out of the Community Center next week and into the Facilities Building on the far side of campus. This will allow for construction to begin on the new Community Center!

Here are some important dates regarding the move:

  • This week is the last week the store will be open at the current site
  • Next week we will be packing and sorting donations as usual Monday-Wednesday
  • Thursday Feb 2 at 9a we will be moving everything up to the Facilities Building
  • The store will reopen in the Facilities Building on Feb 9
  • Volunteers: The volunteer hours will remain unchanged throughout the transition. Same days, same times, (except we will be closed on Sat, Feb 4)

Thank you to everyone who has made this all possible. May God bless our efforts to bring Him glory,

Jonah Hasse
resource center director